Bolton Coin (BFCL) donates “Bolton Arena” to SANTOS FC

In Esporte Por Esporte, a program of the Santa Cecilia television channel, the President of Santos Football Club (Brazil), José Carlos Peres, introduced the new project for Vila Belmiro Stadium.

“It will be a new stadium with a new roof”. The same kind of roof as the Anfield Stadium (Liverpool Football Club – UK)
Around the stadium there will be a designated area for new entrepreneurial activities like bars, restaurants, cinema and shops.

This project will bring a new stadium for the Club. There is a commission that will manage this project and it will be founded by Bolton Holding, from Dubai.

President Peres, said he had a meeting with the executives of Bolton Holding, and has been confirmed that is going to be set a partnership worth 75 million dollars to make a Training Center for the Base Category.

A contract of interest has been made, and now it has to go through the deliberative council.
Santos team has a $ 170 million (Brazilian Reais) budget, and this partnership will allow to rebuild the Stadium with a proper ceiling , and build the Training Center.

Villa Belmiro Stadium is the Mecca of Brazilian’s football and it deserves to be a modern stadium.

Bolton Holding, makes different donations around the world, in Africa and emerging Countries, using part of its investment profits to improve wellness and health especially of young people.

BOLTON family believes in its slogan: “the challenge that makes the dream comes true” and many people, thanks to them, are seeing their dreams become reality.

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